Travel Essentials


Ready to travel with these essentials!

It’s vacation time again! Yay! Everyone’s gushing about their whereabouts and I can’t wait to go travel again! But first, let me share to you what I usually bring with me when I travel.

Sheet masks –to keep your face moisturized even with an unexpected weather
Cosmetic Samples –these always come in handy! I have here the Etude house Brightening Essence which I absolutely love!
Cleansing kit –the most important part of your skincare!
Aloe Gel –this is just holy grail moisturizer, perfect for your face and body!
Sunscreen –to protect your face from those harsh UV rays, especially when going to tropical countries!
Hand cream –I always keep a hand cream inside my bag to keep my hands moisturized.
Mist –mists are perfect for travel and they help in not leaving your skin dry from harsh weathers.

Primer –to help keep your makeup last longer.
Multi-Functional BB Cream –a base makeup that has SPF and other functions are your buddies!
Lippies –helps you look radiant even with minimal makeup! I bring atleast 5 ‘coz my lip colors always depend on my mood and the occasion as well!
Brow Pencil –since I never go out with undone brows. Keep them on fleek even when traveling!
Blush and Contour –for those times that you need a pick me up to look extra pretty and well put, especially during date nights and attending special occasions. Pigmented blushers can be good eyeshadows as well.
Powder –helps your makeup last longer and so you won’t look oily.


Distressed Jeans –or any statement jeans, it’s either I bring these with me and wear another pair of statement jeans like joni jeans since they always pull off great outfits.
White Button Down –this is a classic and a must have! I always have one with me when traveling, it just goes with any season!
Trendy Top –it’s not bad to have even just one trendy piece of clothing for those times that you want to look more fashion forward. Recently, I’ve been bringing off shouldered tops.
Casual Basic Top –this is just a must for days when you don’t intend to make any effort is looking stylish but feel extra comfortable. I really like black and white or gray and white striped top for that laid back look.
Wedges or heels –when attending special occasions, at least have one pair with you.
Sneakers or Doll shoes –a pair of shoes that is just perfect for any outfit, so as you won’t need to bring more pair making your luggage heavier.
Denim Jacket –this is a must have for me since I can’t easily adapt to cold environments, you can opt for a bomber jacket as well.
Scarf –this doesn’t only help you get through the cold but can also be a good accessory!

Nail set –I am very meticulous when it comes to my nails with or without any polish on. I need to keep them clean everytime.
Classic statement accessories –gives life to your outfit! I bring very minimal accessories but those that can go with any outfit as well.
Sunglasses –these don’t only protect your eyes but act as accessories too.
Toiletries –never travel without these!
Signature Scent –to keep you feeling fresh all throughout your trip!
Powerbank –‘coz a dead battery is never an excuse!

In my hand bag, I always have a sunscreen, hand cream, powder and a lip balm along with my sunnies and passport for times when you need a quick fix.


When traveling, I always go light and these are just what I need! What are your travel must haves?


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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