Tony Moly Naturalth Goat Milk Cream Foam Cleanser

Remember your skin when it first met the world!

During my last shopping haul at Tony Moly, I was given these cleansers as free gifts along with my purchase! They were so generous to give me 2 bottles of the Naturalth Goat Milk Cream Foam Cleansers (1 bottle in 100ml and the other one in 150ml) and I was very happy to receive them.

After a week of use, I am pretty impressed with this Naturalth Goat Milk Line from Tony Moly. This line promises a clean skin friendly skin care which actualizes skin by putting in pure and clear nature, made from New Zealand premium goat’s raw milk which have the power to handle the external hazardous environment and alterations, power to relieve skin irritation and stress, and the power to maintain healthy vitality and energy. Goat milk is very similar to a mother’s milk. It enhances basic skin strength, has mild hypoallergenic formula on skin and has excellent absorption.

This Naturalth Goat Milk Cream Foam Cleanser cleanses gently like whipping cream with fine and rich bubbles. This contains 10,000 ppm of goat milk giving vitality and energy on the skin. Squeeze the right amount on your hand, lather bubbles, massage your face gently then wash off with lukewarm water. This cleanser is really creamy, smooth and moisturizing as you massage it on your face, perfect for those with sensitive skin. It smells really good as well!



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