Etude House Snowy Dessert Pudding Tint


Having sweet holidays with these lip tints!

I have ticked off one of my wish list even before Christmas and I’m happy! I finally have these pudding tints from Etude House’s Holiday 2015 Collection, Snowy Dessert.

Snowy Dessert is a collection which features 5 sweet shades of pudding tints, 5 shades of candy cane- striped play 101 pencils, a two toned ginger cookie blusher, a warm toned ginger cookie contour, 2 sweet scents of wax tablets and 2 scents of skin moisturizer. Everything is just sweet scented and enticing.

The Snowy Dessert Pudding Tints are lip tints in a pudding-like cushiony texture which provide a radiant finish with long-lasting vivid colors as these melt softly in the lips. These tints have a soft gel-like texture embracing the lips smoothly. These are much pigmented giving natural looks to your lips. These tints come in the cutest packaging! These are in little boxes each that looked like cake boxes with labels of the tint’s color.

These pudding tints are available in 5 shades; #1 Soft Strawberry Pudding (deep pinkish red), #2 Bouncy Apricot Pudding (coral pink), #3 Sweet Grapefruit Pudding (sheer pink), #4 Sticky Lychee Pudding (orange red) and #5 Soft Apple Pudding (fuchsia pink). I got Sweet Grapefruit Pudding and Soft Apple Pudding which I thought were the colors most suitable for me. (Take a look at my swatches of these colors below.) These come with a mini spatula which you use to apply these tints. Dispense a certain amount on the spatula, place them into your inner lips and spread using the back of the spatula towards your outer lips.

Though these need reapplication after eating and drinking, these still last for a decent time. You can also use these for a dab of color and extra flush on your cheeks. I’m totally loving these pudding tints. My holidays will certainly be sweet thanks to these pudding tints!






Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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