Scent Craze


To all the scent lovers…

I have a self-confessed addiction to perfumes and different scents but I don’t have the luxury to buy all of my favorite perfumes and those I want to try out. So I figured out a solution to this! Why not have a sample of all my favorite perfumes and wear different scents each day? Though my signature smell would always be Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion- the combination of coconut and vanilla is just intoxicating!

I got this solution when I went to a party recently a cousin of mine hosted and she got little bottles of perfume samples as giveaways. She got them from her recent trip to Malaysia. These tiny bottles have samples of authentic perfumes in them. I got a lot -a total of 9 samples, with my cousin’s consent of course! I’m just deeply smitten by this idea! Don’t you just love to have bottles of all your favorite perfumes? What do you think?





Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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