Korean Gradient Lips

imageWhat’s been missing?

I have featured a few Korean beauty products here on the blog. So, my love for Korean beauty products is not new to you. I mean, South Korea is numerous times more advanced than most countries when it comes to beauty and make up. This line is their expertise. They are well loved for that too!

I am a big fan of the no-makeup look and I have been aiming for that fresh look most Korean celebrities and ‘ulzzangs’ (best face) have. From the dewy glowing skin, straight brows and to that big eyes makeup (with the ‘aegyosal’ and natural looking eyeliner), which are all staple makeup looks Koreans have. I was left wondering, what did I miss out? Well, it was none other than the Korean gradient lips, also a staple makeup look.

Also known as ombre lips in the West and cherry lips here in Asia, the gradient lips is a subtle lip makeup which gives off that just-sucked-on-a loliipop or popsicle look. How to achieve this lippie? First, apply concealer or any base on your lips to match your lips with your skin tone. Then apply in your inner lips, both top and bottom lips, your favorite lipstick using a lip brush or your lip-gloss applicator. Smack your lips to gently smudge out the color. Now, you have gradient lips!

Nyx Matte Lip Cream and Etude House Color in Liquid Lips (which is what I used in the photos) best worked on this look for me. You can also use a nude lipstick in place of your base or concealer. Or when feeling lazy, just apply the lipstick of your choice in the inner part of your lips and gently press your lips.

Now, I have more reasons to hoard on liquid lipstick and lip creams! Here’s my take on the famous gradient lips. What do you think?



Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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