Ink Lipquid


Want a hybrid, multi-tasking lippie rolled into one?

The Face Shop’s latest lip product offers a whole new level of lip formation. This is the Ink Lipquid (lip + liquid). You get a natural lip tint in one swipe, a lip gloss effect in 2 swipes and a full color lipstick in 3 swipes!

These lip tints are made with the Moisture Holding System and the Ink Staying Polymer. These products keep makeup fresh and clean by maintaining moisture (with 70% water base) and color up to 12 hours with a light touch. These are available in 12 colors, has great pigmentation and good staining power but are not sticky. They are in a sleek packaging of all black with a doe foot applicator. The colors are extracted from flower ingredients: the Pink & Purple shades from Willow herb; Beige, Coral & Orange from Saffron; and Red & Brown from Apple Blossom.

Since I will always be the coral chick, I got the Coral Chu (CR01)! I like it but I’m not in love with it. You need to regularly retouch after a few hours of application and need to let it set to fully accomplish the desired result. But the texture is really light and doesn’t dry out your lips even without applying any lip balm. Also, these lip tints are made from natural ingredients which is a major plus for me. These are affordable too!

Plus, like any other lip tints, you can also use them on your cheeks for some lovely flush! I’m thinking about buying other colors like Shah Pink (PK03) and Rose Marsala (BR01)! When you purchase one lip tint at any The Face Shop Philippines outlet, you get a free pouch until August 31, 2015 only! What do you think?






Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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