The wonders of VCO


Are you a believer of the wonders of virgin coconut oil?

The natural benefits of virgin coconut oil is not something new. It has been a million times proven for its uses. Here are some of its wonders:

  • As a dietary supplement, it can be an exchange for your butter and all the other oils for cooking and baking.
  • As a health option, known to be a brain booster, improve blood cholesterol levels, reduces heart disease, etc.
  • As a calorie burner, it can kill your hunger, helping you lose weight.
  • As hair conditioner, helps prevent hair damage and used as an anti-frizz treatment.
  • As a moisturizer, sunscreen, and now also, (theoretically speaking) as deodorant.
  • As massage oil, cuticle oil, stretch marks cream, under eye cream and a lot more!

I have been an avid fan of coconut oil ever since I have been wary of my skin and hair, that’s during puberty I guess! With the help of aunts who introduced it to me, I have been using it. I use Prosource Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for years now. You can purchase it from any drugstore and supermarket. It is very affordable too!

At least once to twice a week, I apply coconut oil on my roots as natural hot oil formula. I have suffered from hair damage and hair loss before, VCO has indeed been a great help for me. I also naturally have thin hair and this is one of the oils that helped me get through it and helped my hair grow thicker.

Virgin Coconut Oil has a thick consistency so it’s not the one I use as my moisturizer before applying makeup. The most decent way I can use it to moisturize my face is as my makeup remover. I remove my makeup and leave the oil on for 10 to 15 minutes before washing off my face. (Given that you use a naturally moisturizing soap and not something that would dry your skin out. Always be gentle in scrubbing your face too!) My face feels pretty refreshed and moisturized after washing!

Do you also use this natural oil? What do you think?

image image image image

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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