If I worked in an office…

If I wasn’t a Nurse, I think I’d be an Accountant or an Engineer right now, with her own office! Well you see, being a Nurse will still always be my first choice. My dad used to always encourage me to be an Engineer to follow his footsteps and some used to tell me that I’d fit as an Accountant since I’ve always excelled in class. But I willingly declined and chose to be a Nurse. It was a calling I guess since no one ever bothered to tell me to be one but was inspired by someone close to me who was one. Growing up, I’ve always imagined myself wearing customized suits and rocking business casual outfits with my own office of course. So as to relive those imaginations, here’s another business casual post wearing a navy pencil skirt paired with a black top. I finished the look with my Dooney & Bourke body bag and black peep toe pumps. I’d love this with a coat of course! What do you think?

image image image image

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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