Sweet Indulgence


Experimented for the last day of June!

Too Faced would definitely be one of my favorite cosmetic brands! They never fail to impress me! Loved their products ever since I discovered their melted lipsticks!

For the 30th of June, it was one rainy day, so I just stayed indoors with the sisters. I got pretty bored and decided to have some experiment with the sisters with this make up set. This is actually a set with 16 colors of eye shadow, an anti-crease primer, a highlighter, bronzers and a blush. I wanted to try strobing so I ditched the contour and just used the highlighter. What I love most with too faced products is that they also give out instruction cards to guide the user to create classic looks. The product lasts long and stays in place even when you’re sweaty. I had a lot of fun using this make up set. Sad, I wasn’t able to take photos with our finished looks. We were preoccupied and had too much fun, we forgot to take photos. I’ll try to let you see soon the looks we were able to create. It’s also a plus for me when I use that make up and it doesn’t give me break outs. Too Faced got a variety of make up products you’ll definitely love from their cute lip colors to their girly packaging.

With Too Faced products, you’re definitely in for such sweet indulgence! What do you think?






Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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