Lavender Award


Got nominated for The Lavender Award thanks to Daisy! Check out her wonderful blog, Ladybugs & Pugs!

10 questions from Daisy:

What is your favourite album of all time?

I love music so I can’t decide what but as of the moment, it would be Taylor Swift’s 1989 album. I like Taylor Swift by the way.

You can have three famous people over for dinner. Who do you choose and why? (bonus question: What do you cook for them? :P)

I’d love to bake cookies and have a talk over coffee or tea with my favorite fashion icons, blogger Chiara Ferragni, actress Leighton Meester and fashion model, Candice Swanepoel. They are people that inspire me as I pursue fashion with this blog.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Telekinesis! The definite proof of mind over matter. You can just do a lot using your mind with this superpower!

Would you like to write a haiku about the closest thing to your left? (bonus points if you actually write the haiku! :P)

Sure! There are 2 things to my left, so will make 2 but their just made in a whim of thought.

Hey there dream catcher!

Please always be my watcher

No signs of snatcher!


Pillow by my side,

Which served as my sleeping guide,

Left me smiling wide.

What is your go-to confidence anthem?

Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off is one of my go-to confidence anthems!

What is in your ideal ice cream sundae?

I’d love my sundae a combination of cookies & cream, chocolate mint and sakura matcha for a twist. Add some corn flakes and marshmallows then I’m all happy! 

You are now the proud owner of a private island. What do you name it?

Paraiso de Miel, or Honey’s Paradise in English, cliche I know! Can’t think of anything better yet.

Kittens or puppies?

Puppies, definitely! I’m actually living with 2 dogs at home.

What is one thing that you would love to learn?

Photography! I know the basics but it’s different when you study about it.

What is a movie that you’re looking forward to seeing?

I’m a sucker for love stories & YA movies are my happy pill so it would be Paper Towns this coming July!

10 questions for you:

What beauty product do you invest in the most?

Who is your fashion icon?

What is your favorite fashion piece?

What was your latest splurge?

Would you rather watch the movie or read the book first?

Flats or heels?

Comedy or horror?

What is your comfort food?

What is one thing you’d love to learn some day?

Where is your dream vacation?

I nominate these amazing blogs: Black Lace and Glitter, Flower Fairy 5, Mrs Dimples Beauty, My Sweet Sugarplum, and Girl Meets Glamour!


 Give a shoutout/mention, including a link to their blog page, to the person who nominated you.

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 You then nominate at least 5 bloggers who haven’t received many followers/likes yet, making sure you contact them to let them know.

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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2 thoughts on “Lavender Award

  1. Excellent answers if I do say so myself 😛 1989 is such a brilliant album; Taylor Swift is just so talented! Your haikus made me smile and Paraiso de Miel is such a beautiful name for an island! (I’m actually amazed that there isn’t already an island with that name! You’ll totally have to trademark it quick :P) Also, I’ve never heard of putting corn flakes in an ice-cream sundae, but it actually sounds super nice! I’ll definitely have to try it 🙂 Hope you’re having an awesome day!

    Liked by 1 person

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