Sweet Addiction


Been addicted to sweet scents…

One thing that keeps me all hyped up is a sweet scent. Sweet fragrances are really a must for me. This is why I love body sprays. I feel incomplete going out without a spray of my choice of scent for that day. The summer sun has been uncontrollable, the heat keeps you sweating and makes you feel sticky as the day goes by. So a scent that doesn’t come off or that changes as you sweat is a daily essential.

My choice of fragrances right now ranges from body sprays from Body Fantasies, Victoria’s Secret and a perfume from Ulric de Varens. Body Fantasies Signature is one of my favorites and they’re affordable too. I love Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy, Twilight Mist and Japanese Cherry Blossoms. These usually come in a box of three’s (my sister got the Japanese Cherry Blossoms that’s why I only have two in the photo below) which usually lasts a month each bottle. These are the fragrances I wear for work since they’re not that strong. Who says no to Victoria’s Secret fragrances? My all time favorite from their body spray line is the Moonlight Dream. I never go out on a casual day without a spray of this scent and I keep it in my bag too! Last, the latest perfume I got as a gift is from Ulric De Varens Paris, Varens Passion. Its perfect for formal Sundays. I’m not a perfume type of girl because of the usual strong scent they give out but this one’s different! It’s sweet scented and I just love the packaging!

After long days, these make me feel fresh! What do you think?




Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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