Within The Walls


That feeling when you’re within the walls…

Intramuros is a Spanish term meaning “within the walls”. It is a known historical sighting in the Philippines. I have been in and out Manila a couple of times but I’ve never been to Intramuros. Gladly, in my last trip to Manila, I was able to visit the place. Intramuros gives you that Vigan-like feel but with a different history. There is something with historical tourist spots that attracts me to them. They give you some sort of nostalgia and a glimpse of what happened in that place hundreds of years ago.  These places are symbols of how great that certain city or place has become. The beauty of such places is timeless. How I hope the government is able to preserve such attractions for everyone to see and appreciate even after how many years. I am aiming to visit historical places like this starting with my own country and to the whole world. They just leave you fascinated. What do you think?

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