A Gift For Mom


What to give to your first role model?

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow already. I’ve been thinking the whole week on what gift should I give my first role model, my first teacher, my mom. Once I thought of something, I literally panic bought it! I’m pretty close with my mom and I know what she loves to collect. She loves French perfumes and a certified make up junkie. I got this red box, it’s actually a chocolate box but I found it perfect for her so I got all the chocolates inside and cleaned the box, it’s a plus ‘coz I wouldn’t need to wrap, saves time! I filled it with her favorite perfumes, 3 of them actually, an Ulric de Varens perfume, Love Story by Lily Prune perfume and Vanderbilt’s Little Gloria body spray. I also added some make up goodies. My mom likes The Face Shop and thanks to The Face Shop’s monthly promos, I got her 2 Design My Eyebrow pens, it’s on buy 1 get 1 for free and some more other eye make up for this month only. I got her Maybelline’s Great Lash too, will make a post about this soon, it’s only available here in the Philippines until September only or until supplies last. I hope she likes it.

Remember, the best gift to give your mom on this day is actually your time. Why not go out eat dinner with her or if you’re away, go grab your phone, greet her and ask her how she’s been? You just can’t compare anything with time. Time with your loved one on a special day is the most precious! What do you think?



Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~


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