Hot Pink


When feeling extra girly, I always go with any shades of pink.

In a previous post, I admitted that blue is my favorite color. But I also do have what I call ‘comfort colors’. They are supposed to make you feel better when you see this color or in fashion, wear any piece with that certain color. They are just those days when no matter how trendy what you’re wearing is, you just don’t feel like it. So, you opt to wear something that would make you feel better though it’s playing safe. This also goes with colors. For me, these colors are pink and white. They have something in them that makes me feel better. White when I’m feeling tired and lonesome. Those days when I like going alone. Pink when I want to be in hype and when I want to feel all girly. It’s a mood lifter! There was a day this week when I just wanted to feel extra girly, so I wore all (almost) pink! I wore this off-shouldered pink top with black spots, paired it with denim short-skirt, ‘coz you can never go wrong with denim, and finished it with black peep toes. I accessorized the outfit with a hot pink bangle and a cute pink hair clip plus a dab of my favorite hot pink lippie! Do you have a comfort color? What do you think?



Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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