Etude House Color in Liquid Lips


My favorite lippies for summer! Etude House Color in Liquid Lips!

I am such a fan for lip gloss! When Etude House Color in Liquid Lips came out, I immediately got one for myself. I’ve been using it for a month now and I love it!


I got myself a cute shade of pink first, Always in Pink (Pk006).


Always in Pink on me:


I also wanted to have a subtle orange- peachy shade so I got the Juicy in Juice (Or201).


Juicy in Juice on me:


It’s really fun to apply! The applicator is shaped like a bubble maker.


You can pick from 20 various colors.


You can also mix & match them. (The outer layer of my lips is the Juicy in Juice the inner layer is the Always in Pink):


It lasts long! Even when you have eaten, it stays on your lips although you need to reapply if you want it really bright. I think it’s a must have for spring & summer. What do you think?

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

You can get it from any Etude House outlets! (Philippines here)

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