Daily Make Up Look


My no stress ten-minute daily make up (and a little background)!

Since this is also a Beauty blog, I’m writing my first Beauty post. I’ve always considered myself a late bloomer. I only started putting on make up when I got to 2nd year college. I only used loose baby powder to remove the excess oil on my face. When I got to college, we were required to put on light make up most especially when going on duty. I asked my mom and a cousin on what should I do. Thanks to my mom, she started giving me drugstore cosmetic products. It started with a BB cream, since then I loved BB creams and I always use these as base.

I have always been a fan of Etude House ever since it was launched in the Philippines last December 2009. I have sensitive skin so I usually have break outs when I didn’t like the products used (though I still try out some products and give them away when I think it’s not for me). Etude House products were just the right ones, plus they have really cute packaging! P.S. I love Korean cosmetics because I’m such a sucker for cute packaging!


I’m using Etude House Cotton Fit BB cream right now for the matte look but also liked the Bright Fit & Perfect Fit. To cover those unwanted spots, I use the Surprise Stick concealer. I would recommend the liquid concealer to cover those dark circles.


The most important part for me is the brows. I didn’t care about my brows way back. Then a friend tried to shape my brows and I loved it. I started with powder based brow liners, pencil then to this Color My Brows mascara. I love this eyebrow mascara and I never go out of the house without applying it! I use a white eye liner on my bottom lids to open up my eyes since I have chinky ones, I tend to look sleepy always. To complete it,  always curl your lashes and top it off with some mascara!


I place some blush on using the Water Color Blusher (no.1 Strawberry Pink), put on lip balm since my lips usually chaps off and finish it off with what I feel like putting on that certain day. I love this Play101 pen (#25), and these new lip gloss products from Etude House, Color in Liquid Lips (Pk006 Always in Pink and Or201 Juicy in Juice)!


So to keep things handy, I only bring the Secret Beam powder pact to pat off excess oil, the blusher to look fresh always, the lip balm and the lippie of choice for that day.

imageSorry for the eyebags, this was taken after a night shift duty. The look usually lasts! What do you think?

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

Check out Etude House products (Global or Philippines)!

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