This Little Miss


Growing up, fashion has been essential for me.

I’ve always been that girly girl everyone would love to dress up. I was my mom’s little model and a big doll, even until now actually. My mom is my personal stylist and she’s one of the people who encouraged me to try blogging. It all started one day when I looked at my closet, there were clothes I haven’t worn and told my sister to please take a photo of myself wearing that until it became a hobby then to this little diary.


 I am a Registered Nurse so whenever I can ditch the white uniform, I take time to dress up. But I’m just simple actually. I always invest in basic ensembles rather than the trendy ones, although one or two pieces of trendy stuff in your closet won’t hurt. I am moody when it comes to my personal fashion picks. I can be girly today but laid back the next. I plan out what I wear but can change it the last minute.


I believe that comfort is very important and confidence is key. You can always stand out with just a plain tee and jeans! You don’t need designer to be considered fashionable too. But having one would be considered a prize to a hard earned pay! Will be filling up this little diary my kind of fashion and beauty picks too! This little miss is looking forward for you to tell her what you think and would gladly reply! Always remember, be pretty, be happy, be you!


wearing a dress from Cortelle by Lojas Renner and that bag from Louis Vuitton

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