Goodbye 2021! 안녕히 가세요 2021!

Humbly and gratefully bidding goodbye to 2021!

How swift have the days gone by? A day more and we’ll be welcoming a new year. 2021 started off slow but went by so quick as well. I had enjoyed most of it, even when I was only able to travel locally. It even made me realize how many more places Great Britain has that I have still yet to discover. This year gave me so much to realize and so much more lessons to learn.

Now, where is my annual end of the year favourites? Guess what? I have listed all of them and even took sets of photos but while I was editing them, I thought, no, I’m not doing this anymore. It’s just a start of a better and (I would like to say) more grown-up content. Why not share a few insights I have gained throughout the year instead?

I was able to look back on everything that happened this year. How did it start for me? Not the best. I wasn’t well when this year started but it was then I realized who truly cared about me, those who really has got my back through thick and thin. Don’t worry, I’m all better now. Also, this year, a lot of changes just occurred, overwhelming and exciting as I step into a new year with so much to look forward to.

2021 made me appreciate once again the gift of now. Also, the most important things are not seen by the naked eye, cliché but true. All I wish and pray is for everyone to be safe and healthy. Tough times come but you are stronger! Let’s welcome a better new year!

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year everyone!

Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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