Most Abused Beauty Essentials


These are the things I have been reaching out.

I have listed down 5 of my abused beauty essentials ever since the start of the year. These are the things I have always seen myself reaching out for. I have definitely given them much love!

BB Cream with decent SPF (Mizon Snail Repair Blemish Balm)
A light base that has decent SPF enough to cover up some impurities and at the same time protect you from the harsh uv rays.

Brow Palette (Maybelline Fashion Brow Palette)
I know I have always featured my favorite eyebrow pencil from my previous posts but I have also loved this brow palette. I use this together with an eyebrow pencil. I love this because it has both gel to make brows stay put and powder to fill in your arches. This palette is my second this year already!

Petroleum Jelly
My lips chap most of the time even when I’m just at home so I always reach for a tub of petroleum jelly to moisturize my lips. I also place a decent amount of petroleum jelly on my lashes before sleeping to have that 3D look on my lashes the next day, without the need of applying any mascara! This is also great to moisturize your fingers and toes.

Lash Curler (Etude House)
After applying petroleum jelly on my lashes the previous night, I’ll just need my favorite lash curler in the morning. This is my best friend whenever I want my lashes curled whether or not I apply mascara!

Lip & Cheek Tint (Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint)
For that extra flush, I always reach out for this tint. I use this both on my lips and cheeks but mostly on my lips.


Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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