Just relax and keep it real!

I am no fashion expert. Yes, I even get judged for my fashion picks. I am just a simple girl who loves dressing up and who wants to share my thoughts on fashion (which is why I have this little diary). After 4 months, I can see this blog is slowly growing and I am beyond thankful to everyone who constantly likes my posts and those who followed. You are my inspiration!

In this blog, I’m always keeping it real. Whoever here never goes out of their houses without being dolled up? Well, I commend you for that. But there are just days that you would want to loosen things up. Just go out without wearing those sky high heels and without make up on! Those days that you just couldn’t care any less. Your body deserves to relax and breathe.

Now, I’m taking a breather by taking the casual route with this white striped black top, white Harvard Jeans USA shorts and finished it with a pop of color with those yellow SM Parisian flats. I only have that the SAK body bag (P.S. it’s actually hand-crocheted! Totally in love with this bag!), black headband and that black belt as accessories. What do you think?





Be pretty, be happy, be you! H~

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